Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I need to walk. Every day. I rarely do. But, today I did. After I finished sewing, I decided to walk up to the drug store. (.3 miles up, .2 miles back according to my tracker, no clue why the difference) The drug store didn't have what I wanted but, hey, the point was to walk and wear in my new Uggs. I did wait until the game started.

On the way home, I came upon a hot dog vendor on the street at my building. I was hungry so I got a hot dog but after I ordered I remembered to check money. I had grabbed a fist of cash and my credit card but knew the drug store does Android pay so I didn't pay close attention. I had already given the Real Change guy a $20 for the newspaper and I had only $4 left. I asked the guy how much and he said $5 and I said ok, sorry, I didn't have enough. And then he said $4. I felt bad for a minute but then realized that $4 was a good price and he didn't have many more, if any, sales today so better he sell to me for $4 than nobody for $0.

It turned out to be a very mediocre hot dog anyway.

It got a little warmer so I opened up the door to the terrace. Now the Seahawks are winning so I'm going to need to close it because I want to watch CBS Sunday morning and I won't be able to hear the TV.

Today's dolls...


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