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Last night's storm was a doozy. Not quite as bad as predicted but it was pretty fierce nonetheless. At one point the wind was blowing in two different directions while it rained sideways.

My swim buddy, Barrie, lives out on a point sticking out into Elliot Bay. They got smashed but sandbags kept most of water outside. This was snapped yesterday afternoon by one of the blog people before the storm got going good. Barrie's house is in the rectangle.


It was still pouring rain this morning so all the Seahawks tailgate parties got a late, soggy start. When I got back from the gym about 9:30, it had stopped raining and they had started their neighborhood invasion for real. It is at least cold enough to keep the door to the terrace closed so the noise is only background.

Living across the street from one professional stadium and down the block from a second one has its challenges and I'm particularly not fond of the Seahawks crowd but, really, it is fun to sit up here on the 4th floor separated from it all and hear humanity down below all excited to be here. The drum band is going and it's just a nice backdrop. Plus, on those few times when I actually do want to go to a game or a concert, it certainly is handy to just waltz on over.

I have lots to do today. I have sewing. Dolls plus other sewing. I have TV watching to do. I watched the first episode of Goliath - an Amazon Prime show. It has 8 episodes. The first one was pretty good.

I started the new Maria Semple novel last night. I'm not sure yet. It's the audible version and the reader is a thin line - either she's going to be one of the best ever or I'm going to hate her soon. This book may get returned. I'm going to give it another hour at least.

The big ToDo this week is insurance. It does not actually have to be done this week but why wait. I need to decide which policy to pick, call them to make sure my top concerns are met and will stay met through next year and see what kind of recourse I have if they don't and then apply.

My new policy needs to cost me nothing per month, cover my doctor and his clinic's services, and cover my drugs. I have a list of 5 that will do all of these things and none are really in doubt. And most of those 5 have the same kinds of coverage so it comes down to my own personal show stoppers:

1. Cover my gym membership
2. Online access to my insurance activity
3. Online access to my drug insurance activity
4. 90 days of drugs at my preferred pharmacy

I'm pretty sure none of the 5 do #3 above so I'll pick the one who does 1,2 and 4.

But, not today I don't think.

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