Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, just before bed, I sneezed about 3 times and as a result, my nose got kind of stuffed. So I slapped on a Breathe Right. OMG what a great sleep can be had when I can breathe. There is nothing stopping me from using one every night but I forget, until it's the middle of the night and I keep waking up. I should remember more. My sleep tracker about exploded with so much deep sleep.

The pool was not crowded and my swim was good. I popped into Trader Joe's to ask about the cinnamon muffins and discovered that they are not 'on order' or 'discontinued' but 'unavailable for order' which the TJ's person said she'd never seen before and had no clue how to interpret. I'm going for a thin ray of hope. Meanwhile the cashier talked me into refrigerator cinnamon buns. I'm not hopeful about those but we'll see.

Then on to the tire place. About every 3 months my tire light comes on. I stop into Goodyear and their check reveals that one tire (not the same one) is a little low. I get them filled and we repeat in 3 months. So today I went in and asked what the heck the deal is and discovered what I should have figured out on my own. The tires are fine. The light is twitchy and sensitive!

In the olden days when a tire looked low or was flat, you got it fixed. But since they put tire lights on the dashboard, now we know too much. It comes on and I panic. When what I should do is not worry about it. Like today. I should have just chilled and waited to get the air checked until it was not cold and windy and rainy out. Lesson learned.

(The tire guy did point to a customer who was waiting. John had come in yesterday because his light came on. His tires got checked and filled appropriately and the light went off. And then, this morning, he went out and one of his tires was flat. So... no guarantees!)

Then home and breakfast. Next up, probably sewing. I have no plans to go anywhere. The next wind storm is due about 3 ish.
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