Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not blown away yet

The Tree That I Hate still has leaves on it - lots of them but less than yesterday. It was pounding down rain when I went to the gym today but only dripping when I came home and no traffic!

I thought about driving over to Walmart after my swim but it's a two bridge trip and that's probably not a good idea on a day when winds are whippin' and... while there is stuff I want, there's nothing I really do need so why spend the money? I'll save a Walmart trip for when I need some retail therapy or actually do need to buy something there. And it's not windy.

I don't have anything lightweight enough on my terrace to go far but I do have 10 foot curtains. Before the new ones, I had 2 sets of 2 panels and they would get pretty whipped up in a wind. They never ripped down but they would flap around pretty severely. I would be worried about them this weekend. But these new ones are not panels. They are one piece of fabric - 10 feet x 9 feet and between their weight and volume, they go nowhere. It's wild. And nice.

The chimney sweep is coming today. Every two years, the condo hires a chimney sweep to check all our chimneys. This is the up side of condo living. All I have to do is is nothing. If I'm not home, they will still come in and make sure my chimney is safe for use. Next year, they come back and check all the close dryer hoses and vents. Nice.

It's getting gusty again and I can hear things like signs and cans blowing around down on the street. It's kidn of amazing to watch. The sewing room is on the other end of the house and has no windows. I'm torn between wanting to go sew and wanting to watch the storm. I suspect there will be a bit of both going on here today.

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