Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2 dolls, a swimsuit and a finger...

Last night I got a hankering for pie crust cookies with icing. I didn't have any pie crust (and I'm sure as hell not making it from scratch) but I did have icing stuff so I whipped up some butter cream and today got the pie crust and baked cookies. I frosted them when they were cool and now they are waiting for after dinner. They aren't bake off quality but they will suit me just fine, thanks.

Then I sewed. I finished off the swim suit and then made a couple of dolls. I was cutting out the pieces and just scissored up my finger! I've cut out a bascillion dolls and my fingers have been there right on the end of my hands for something like 67 years but today, I guess I just forgot. Doh.

There's a new burger place opening down the street. It's the third in a tiny chain of fast food places in the NW. It's just opened in what was a drive through coffee place. You have to pass a McDonalds to get there and I'm sure the McDonald's is way better but still I'm tempted. I'm hamburger hungry. I had a Kind bar for lunch - my first and last - I'm afraid I'll break a tooth. And I think I'm too lazy to go down to the garage and get in the car and drive... and drive back... I have plenty to eat here.

Our winds are supposed to start in about 15 minutes and go all night, rest tomorrow and come back with more force on Saturday. Twitter's all abuzz as is radio and TV and news sites. My swim buddy, Barrie, lives on a point on the coastline of Elliott Bay. She said this morning they have pulled everything inside, are keeping the tide tables at the ready. High winds with high tides could mean that the surf will be up in her living room.

My hope is that it knocks all the leaves off The Tree That I Hate so that I can once again keep an eye out for my neighbors. I've missed them. Two of the units just across from me have emptied since last winter so I need some new peops!

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