Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Dark and cold and rainy with wind to follow. This is my comfort weather. No glare, long sleeves, and promised drama. Nice.

Amazon's delivery service - they one they run - has taken to delivering stuff really early. Last Sunday, they were at my door, calling my phone at 7:30 am. Twice this week, they've delivered before I got back from my swim. Weird but ok by me.

I stopped by Safeway after my swim. While everyone else was laying in bread and milk and bottled water, I was flat out of candy corn and needed to re-up. It's premium priced right now but fresh as the dickens. Yum! I confined myself to one bag. No reason to go nuts.

Now both Zoey and I have appropriate foodstuffs to weather the storm. Whew.

I think I'll go sew stuff now.
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