Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Well, so far...

Mattress flipped over.
2 our of 3 laundry loads done
swim swammed
id lost

My house cleaner came early and, as always, busts in and gets started. I think she scares most of the dirt and dust away before she even takes a hand to it. She said her daughter was probably coming and I said well, is/when she does, I'd like the 3 of us to flip the mattress. I CAN DO! I do all the time my house. I can do. She is like a bull in a china shop which is not what you want around your things but she's so well intended and I honestly don't have anything that precious. She had that mattress nearly half done before I could ask 'so how do you want to do this?'

She only knocked over a lamp and my already broken spare phone. 'Where sheet. I do next.' So I gave her a sheet and completely forgot that I wanted the mattress pad to go one first because it was still in the dryer. No biggie. The biggie was getting the flip flipped and now it is.

My drivers license, visa and discover cards are in a little case. Nothing else. Some time between the time I got to the pool and the time I got back inside here, it disappeared. I'm thinking it's down in the car - fell out of my swim bag. I'll go down and check in a bit. It's all replaceable - annoying but doable. I'm not going to get all stressed about it. It's not like I need it tonight to go clubbing. I'm probably not even going to do that this week.

And speaking of this week, we got winds a commin'. They are telling us to batten down the hatches and forgodsake put that yard furniture away or clamp it down.

DoberDan - I just learned my first Bosnian. It means Good Afternoon. She tried to teach me another but I told her I could only do one at a time.

I guess I'll go down tot he car now and see if I really do have anything to worry about.

UPDATE!! Clubbing now possible. ID was on the front seat of the car. I retrieved it, put Discover card somewhere else and swapped in card with email address and phone number.

Here's last night's bear...

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