Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a nice day this is turning out to be.

I got two dolls done and a shirt all sewn up. I just love this shirt pattern. I think about one more will do me nicely for the winter. Unless I find some amazingly wonderful fabric.

As I was finishing up the shirt, I got a text from ljtourist with the most amazing offer. He wants to do a fried chicken/fried okra comparison taste test. He'll pick up and bring here for eating. Am I interested? Understatement of the decade. I cannot fathom how I could be more interested! He'll be here with the goodies at 5. I am very excited. What a treat. And, because I'm such a party girl, I made us some fresh ice tea!

There's a parking lot in front of the Starbucks Headquarters (which is on my way to the gym) and something is being built in the corner of it and I want to know what. Today I looked in Seattle building permits and came up dry. I need to stop by there and get the permit number off the sign. But, meanwhile poking around in building permits is yet another internet hole you can get lost in. I had no idea.

They are still dismantling the stuff from the party in the parking lot yesterday. Holy crap there's a lot of it and they aren't speedy. The sound of metal tent poles hitting the pavement has been my musical backdrop all day.

I think maybe I'll watch a bit of TV and knit til chick time.

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