Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There's no Seahawks game today so even the sports bar across the street (where fans flock for away games) is quiet today. The major sound is that of tent polls dropping on asphalt as they tear down yesterday's fest. They stopped at 10 pm last night but left most of the clean up/tear down for today. Their weather was horrible but they were packed and sounded like they were having a great time.

The person who opens the gym was late today by 10 minutes. There was quite a crowd by the time she got there. But, once we got in, my swim was good. I saw a guy I used to swim with every single morning. I hadn't seen him since Labor Day when I moved my swim back an hour. Turns out he had to move his to end of day!

Today would have been the perfect day to find a good brunch and I even have a new spot in mind that I want to try but I also got some brioche bread from Trader Joe's yesterday and I wanted to try toad in the hole eggs with it. So I came on home. The toads were very so so. I'll find a way to use the rest of the loaf but I think it's my last.

Two more (actually 3) shows bit the dust last night. Notorious. I got about a third of the way into ep 2 and gave up. Powerful women emulating the trashy habits of powerful men with weak plots and poor writing... no thanks. Lethal Weapon. I knew this would make my always watch but I tried. And that heaven thing with Tad Dansen and whatshername. I killed it rather than even watch ep 2.

But, I still do like a lot of the season so this is just some clean up.

And the big TV coup for me is Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday Morning.

And, not only once again but very particularly now, I have no intention of watching the two presidential candidates tonight. Not one single thing in the world could change my vote so why torture myself.

I do have sewing to do.

Oh and here's a bear from last night.

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