Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nothing new

I swam. I conjured up a better vest design while I swam. I came home, ate breakfast and now I'm here talking about it. Same old same old but it's my own same old and I like it!

The pool was really crowded. I think two guys who came to swim, waited around, got into the spa for a bit and finally just left. Another couple shared one half lane.  I get there before they open and have to wait and it's totally worth it to ensure I get my little piece of the pool real estate.

I thought about going to Walmart after but it's not close and I remembered there are traffic issues this weekend and I figured one day next week will work way better.

I did pop into Trader Joe's only to learn they no longer carry those wonderful iced cinnamon rolls. Probably just as well. They were too good.

I was wrong about the parking lot party yesterday. Well, not wrong. There was a little one last night but today they have commandeered the entire lot with stages and tents and taken over the street as well. It costs $30 to get in. It's a brewery's pumpkin fest. It's from 3-10. It's supposed to rain massive bucket loads tonight. The organizers cannot be thrilled at that turn of events.

I have lots of TV to watch and even more sewing to do. Time to get to it.
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