Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Afternoon randoms

I finally took the teriyaki walk. This is what $11 gets you. Plenty enough for two dinners for me. Yum.

I got my next shirt cut out and a couple of dolls ready to sew and one doll sewn and one bear finished. I hate having empty chairs which is what I get on delivery day so now neither the bear chair nor the doll chair are totally empty.

Somehow on my walk or in my sewing, I tweaked my back just a little. Enough to make me stop. So I closed the sewing room for the rest of today. The joy of no deadline.

I appreciate having no dog in the baseball playoffs. I am feeling frustrated for my Boston friends.

The second episode of Bull has me far more interested. I don't mind Michael Weatherly but I really really like the other characters in the show. The second episode of Pitch also, surprisingly, has me hopeful. I'm kind of liking this new TV season.

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