Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Rare feedback

I've been dropping off bears, then bears and dolls, with Jeannie since mtgirl first suggested her organization in March of 2007 when my previous place - a Salvation Army emergency center couldn't take them any more.

Jeannie always greets me with a big smile and a big thank you and I say 'see you next month' and she says 'be safe' and that's it. In the early years I used to, every other month or so, ask to make sure she still wanted more and she always assured me she could use as many as I could bring.

But, she rarely gives me any specific feedback. I kind of get the feeling she wants to make sure she doesn't annoy her 'golden goose' of a toy bringer.

Today, however, she broke the mold. Turns out the dolls with the glasses are wildly popular (go figure!) and the ones with the hajibs are a huge hit. She the home visiting baby nurses are often barred from the homes unless they come bearing gifts for the kids. And according to the nurses, it's the fathers who have issues with the dolls. Especially Muslim fathers. The hajib makes them ok for some fathers. But, as Jeannie understands it, children aren't allowed to play with things that have faces. Only God makes faces. UNLESS they are green, blue, purple... God doesn't make those kind of faces so my dolls with non-flesh colored faces meet the Dad requirements and if they are wearing a hijab they are a big hit.

Mostly it's the comments from people reading this journal that created the dolls with different colored faces, wearing glasses and sporting the hijab. I think that's probably the coolest thing of all!!

Oh and she said that the high contrast fabrics were also the most popular. I had one lime green with giant purple polka dots that was apparently fought over. Sadly I don't have any more of that fabric (also one of my favorites) but now I know what to look for.


On the way home, I was at a red light next to Cash & Carry which is the semi-wholesale grocery. It's where small diners and cafes buy a lot of their food. I had been meaning to pop in there and see if they had frozen cut okra. So I pulled in. They did have frozen cut okra but, even better, they had frozen cut breaded okra. Really nice. And the good tortilla chips. I got one bag of each.

Teryiaki is still on the maybe today. But first I think I'll go dig through my doll stuff for some high contrast options.
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