Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Am I nuts???

This morning while swimming I was making a mental list of all the sewing I want to get done. There isn't enough time.

Just now I was on the Seattle Reddit sub and someone asked about craft classes and I was reading the responses and clicking on the links and thinking ... hmmm that class might be interesting and that might be fun and ... When all of a sudden I came to my senses. When the hell do I think I'm going to have time to do anything????? There isn't enough time as it is. I closed all the tabs. Whew.

When this entry is done and my coffee is gone, it will be time to go deliver bears and dolls and then home to make more.

I got an email from Google last night that if I decide to keep my new phone, they will send me a coupon for free! for one of their new VR headsets. That's kind of cool.

There is a big party being set up right now in the parking lot outside my terrace. Just looked it up: Friday Night Vibes: A Pop-up Happy Hour Experience - Oktoberfest. Dress in your lederhosen best and celebrate with Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale. That should be fun to watch. It is really windy out there right now. I hope the weather doesn't blow away their fun but that it stays cool enough so I can close the door to the din.

I found my cat's cryptonite. She likes treats but if I put one out on the counter, she won't rush to it. She'll saunter. Sometimes when she's very hungry, she'll attack her canned food. But, sometimes, she'll just eat it later.

But Sheba has new meat sticks that she will do ANYTHING for. ANYTHING. Plus, they come with handy break off points so one stick is really 4 or 5 treats. Just the right amount for her. She goes nuts. Now I can train her to do something. I need to figure out what. I'm thinking a trick. High 5? Roll over? I don't want to waste it. So I need to get the right one. Also I need to lay in a supply of sticks first. Amazon is out. I may need a trip to Walmart which is where I found them.

Ok, coffee's done. Time to hit the road.
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