Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of Thursday

I didn't go out to walk. I didn't get tariyaki. I did go to the fabric store that I hate and they pissed me off and I got fabric that I don't really love and I paid too much. (It's the only fabric option even close to near here and the others - not close - also suck. And buying online is dicey.) I got the case for my phone but no phone to put in it. It's now serving as my candy corn dish.

On The Other Hand...

I have candy corn. I have chilli and a corn muffin for dinner with waldorf salad. My vest that I invented while I was swimming this morning turned out exactly like I wanted it. The version I made today isn't really wearable outside of the house but it is just a prototype and will be great as a house vest. And I know exactly how to make what I want in the good fabric.

I made 3 dolls. And, even though I didn't walk, I still got to my fitness goal. (Which the smart money says my goal needs to be raised but my money says Whew.)

I got the dolls and bears all packed up and ready to head out to the adoption agency.

There is one sweet byproduct of the monthly delivery. Sometimes/a lot of times, really, I when I finish a doll and photograph it, it's not my favorite. I mean they are all fun but some just seem to miss the mark. But, then, when I pick them all up and one by one put them in the bag for transport, they all seem to be, individually, adorable. Even the ones that I originally thought missed the mark. While they were waiting, they got cute!

And the bears...

Honestly, I think that pink one with the green sweater has been tokin' a little weed with Hunter next door. Either that or he's got one hilarious secret in his back pocket.
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