Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nobody goes anymore because the lines are too long...

Yesterday and still this morning, the internets are all a twitter about how expensive the new Google phones are. I heard two different podcasts yesterday where "pundants" declared that no one will buy it while that very same podcasts reported the models that had already sold out (the one I bought is now all gone). Granted, the supply could be low - artificially or unintentionally but still... Google is trying to be like Apple.

I wish someone would announce some other big tech thing so that these idiots will move on. Meanwhile weeding through the numbnuts, the more I hear about the phone, the more I realize that my issue will be where to sell my current phone for top dollar. And I'm now quite exited about getting the new one.

My swim was good this morning. I tried the early thing - just 30 minutes early - and it paid off. Traffic wasn't bad at all. Very nice. I was home by 9 which is perfectly acceptable.

Tomorrow is bear and doll delivery day. I'll probably make a few more dolls today and add them to the bundle. I need to photograph the bear group and then get them all into their bags for delivery.

I designed a simple fleece vest while I was swimming today. I have the fleece on hand but first I need to test some edge ideas on my scraps. Fleece vests - even for fat peops - are kind of pretty available but too fussy for me. I don't want the zipper. I think I want patch pockets - maybe just one. No collar and no hood. We'll see.

Also today I think I'll take a walk over to the terriyaki place and pick up dinner. I only seem to remember it on weekends when they aren't open. So if I plan to go today, I still have tomorrow for backup if I need it
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