Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I think I'm allergic to afternoons...

Every day this week, at about 3ish, I get a cough causing tickle in my throat that will not go away until I get up and take one of my magic make-the-cough-stop pills (aka benzonatate). It's weird and annoying and, at least so far, not fatal. Turns out that benzonatate is not covered by my insurance but I have a nice little stockpile. (Last breaking news... I just thought to look up the street price and it has either dropped significantly or I've been scammed. The last time I paid for a prescription for it, it cost me $45. Now Walgreens, Wallmart, and a bunch of other places have it for $10. Nice to know.)

Nice day here. I didn't really do anything but sew but I sure enjoyed the heck out of that. Chicken for dinner and TV this evening. All is good. Really good.

I did get some dolls made and there's a bear I finished last night.

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