Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I came to my senses... a tiny bit

I canceled the Google Home order. I like my Echos and they do what I want. The Google Home does some things better and maybe more but they aren't things I need/want. So cancel. I didn't cancel the phone. The more I think about it, the more I want it. It's a lot smaller than my current phone and that will be a welcome change. Plus other goodies. Plus blue. That one is going to be harder to cancel/send back.

There was an accident on the bridge this morning so getting home was more of a challenge than usual. Google told me to take a bridge that is closed today. Google knew about the accident but didn't know about the pre-announced bridge closure?? Bad Google. Bad.

But, I'm home and all is fine and no whacky tortilla sleeping bag projects on the agenda. It's definitely going to be a doll doll doll day.

I bought some knit pants* from Walmart a while back that were $6 and every bit as nice as the ones I bought from Amazon for $20. I bought 3 pair and wore and washed them and they did great. So I went back for more. And then learned the real price was $10. WHAT??? I'm not paying $10 for $6 pants. I crack myself up. Anyway, I've been carefully price watching and today they got down to $7. OK, I'm cool with that.

They have a $50 free shipping so I figured some pants, and a $20 box of doll/bear stuffing. But, wait! The $20 is now $24!! WTF??? But, I do like the pants. And I do need the stuffing. So I folded to big retail. Sigh...

*I wear these pants every day. I'm not an underwear person so I use the pants for both under and outwear - saves on laundry. Some version is made by everyone and available everywhere. The quality does not get appreciably better by paying more money. In fact the last couple of pair I paid $20 each for, shrank into nearly capris pants. I generally have about 10 pair in daily rotation and 3 or 4 pair that have never been worn or worn once in case I have to dress fancy :) It's a totally workable system that gives me comfort and efficiency with minimal daily decision making.

The waldorf salad I made yesterday was so simple and so delicious. I'm making more today.

1 fugi apple chopped up
1/4th cup chopped celery (from freezer)
1/4th cup chopped walnuts
1/4th cup mayo
1/4th cup sour cream.

It was good just after I made it but after a few hours in the fridge it was really really good. I'm a meat and potatoes person. I'm ok with some vegetables but the effort to include them in my meals is just usually more than I'm willing to put out. This goes for salads, too. So finding a salad that I can just spoon onto the plate, that is good and goes well with my meat and potatoes is excellent.

Time now to get to sewing...
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