Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No dolls but...

I never even got around to making one doll today. I did finish my dark gray cowl neck shirt. It's going to be quite cozy when the cold gets here. And I put a pocket on the other one. I'm not sure it was a great idea but it's done now and not take off-able. Oh well.

And I made a sleeping bag for my tortillas. Yep.

Every morning, I make a quicky egg burrito as I walk in from the pool on the way to my chair/computer. It's very easy and efficient so I like to keep the tortillas handy.

BUT I hate having my counter look like this. I googled tortilla storage to death and didn't come up with anything that looked better and would keep them fresh. And then the light bulb went off.

Now my counter looks like this.

SOOOO much better! Plus it makes me laugh. Oh the joy of having enough time that I can easily waste some on making a tortilla sleeping bag.

I got the shipping notice today for my new kitty litter chest that I bought on ETSY. It says it's 80 pounds - coming on UPS all in one piece, no assembly required. That should be interesting. It's coming next Tuesday.

And I made a waldorf salad for dinner - not sure if it's going to go with steak or a pork chop. I have time to decide.
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