Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


While swimming this morning, I hit on a plan for buying the products that Google will announce/is announcing today. They always have pre-order. So I'll pre-order what I want and then decide if I want it and cancel the order if I come to my senses. So $800. ARUGH. I think I can get maybe $350 for my current phone so that's still a gigantic chunk o' change. I have a week, maybe, to decide on the phone. OR I can wait for it to get here, test it against my current phone and send it back... I probably won't cancel the Home.

I don't spend any money on travel but lordknows I throw it at technology in a skinny minute.

Fortunately, I'm not interested in the other stuff they are announcing.

Ok, announcement over. Whew. I'm glad they did not announce a tablet.

On with today. I did the laundry but it still needs folding. I have my latest shirt - a deliciously soft dark gray cowl necked number - about half done. Maybe an hour's worth of work left. I need pockets added to both latest shirts. And dolls. I have a couple cut out and ready to sew.

Yikes it's already 11.

I've had issues with LJ since this weekend on and off. It makes me wonder if we're not looking at the beginning of the end for the non-Cyrillic version. This makes me very sad to think about but I'm also doubling up my efforts to make sure I have a current archive of the last 14 years.
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