Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It turned out to be a nice day here. No stress. No frustration. Just doin' ma thing.

I've had trouble doing the check deposit thing with my Capital One account. Happily, I can now do the check deposit thing with BECU again. Having both accounts is clearly a good idea. The Capital One app has been failing for a couple of months. Finally, I clicked on Feedback to complain and it suggested that twitter might get me faster/better results. So I tweeted. And got a lovely reply that they were aware of the problem and IT was on it. A very good response in my book. Not the usual 'reboot and do these other 12 useless thinhs that one help'.

For so many years I ate dinner with the evening news on TV in the background. And then I quit TV news. I hate to eat dinner with no distraction. I tried a Texture subscription to read magazines but I hate their app so much that it ruins my dinner to use it. I often flip through news on my tablet. But, I finally figured out is I need a good non-fiction book to read. And just as I made that discovery, pink_halen wrote about Taj Mahal: Passion and Genius at the Heart of the Moghul Empire by Diana Preston. The Kindle version was available at the library and it's now on my tablet waiting for dinner tonight!

And I made a quick trip to Grocery Outlet. Scored tortillas, cat food and a dozen skin on chicken thighs (which Safeway did not have last week) for $4.50!

I did get the Crocs socks done and gave them a trial run and then fixed one little issue. And I have a pattern so I can make more any time I want. The soul is a layer of felt topped with a layer of foam, topped with the top layer of fleece. My feet just love them.

This is a bear that got finished last night.

And today's doll.

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