Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

1988 me

I went into my office supply closet to find a little pocket notebook in case I wanted to do my spending tracking the old fashioned way. I found an IBM Thinkpad... no, not that kind, the 1988 version


The first few pages had actual notes on it. I know it was 1988 because the notes were all about the announcement of the AS/400. A list of reporters, notes for some event ("Tom - red tie" "Geri ticket for hubby" - Tom was my boss, the head of AS/400 development and Geri was his secretary). But, one page was personal. It had a HotPoint serial number and two dress pattern numbers.

If you had asked me I would have told you that I did not do much of any sewing between about 1985 and 2015 but, maybe I was wrong. The magic of the internets allowed me to see both the patterns and they were absolutely something I would have made.

Here's what I looked like then (white suit in front - That's Geri in the blue suit and Tom is just behind her over her right shoulder.)

Here are the two patterns:


Vogue 9770 (1)

Waltzing down memory lane...
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