Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Now that I'm going to the pool later on weekdays, there's really no difference between weekdays and weekends. It's a little disconcerting but no biggie, I guess. I had a nice swim. Again I passed on going out to eat and came on home to my own cooking which was excellent except I made too much. Smartly, I did not eat it all.

The Mariners finally lost last night and so eliminated themselves from the playoffs. It was a good game, though, right up to the final out. One more game today and then I can hang up my TiVo MLP One Pass until next February when Spring Training starts. It's been such a good season after so many years of crap.

My hands look so old. My extra 100 pounds keep my face and neck from looking old (fat don't crack) but my hands are nursing home hands. It's fine. They still work and do what I need them to do but it's just shocking sometimes to realize that they look so old because I am so old. Again, fine. Just a shock.

The Seahawks are playing elsewhere today plus the game has already started and they are losing so far so it is ultra quiet around here. Not a peep.

The final Mariners game starts at noon. I have another shirt cut out and ready to sew and dolls to make. I think the Mariner game will be available on the MLB app so I can watch it while I sew. If so, that's the plan. But, first I need to clean up the breakfast dishes.

About six months or so ago, I buckled down on the tidy as you go plan in an effort to keep the house neat and tidy always. And, I have to say, that it is totally working. It's so pleasant and nice to live in a space that does not have mess everywhere. There is still more clutter than I would like but it's organized. I have lots and lots of shelves and I need to go through and edit the stuff on those shelves but mostly, it's a functioning tidy house ready for guests at any time. And I like that. Totally worth the effort and it's actually not even much of an effort any more.
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