Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday more

I just came out of the sewing room to discover it is raining! What a pleasant surprise.

My design that I dreamed up this morning was pretty much a total fail but the fabric was cheap and crappy so no loss really because in making it, I realized how to do it correctly. So now, probably tomorrow, I'll use the really good, really soft knit and make the shirt I wanted. So cool.

My hand are bruising again - the horrible painless but ugly old age bruises. Not severe but enough so that it's annoying. The original, I am not convinced, really horrible (dark purple covering the whole of the back of my hand and also spots on my arms) was caused by Advair. But, I think the aspirin carries some of the blame. My doctor had me on a low dose every day and suggested that I cut back to every other day to see if that helped the hands before we knew it was Advair. Just recently, I went back to every day simply because it's easier to remember. And now I have bruises. Faint ones but still... every other day aspirin it is! At least I know the fix.

Today is they post the insurance plans for old people (Medicare). You can't actually pick one until the 15th but at least you can study the options. The good news is that if, like me, you are in a densely populated county, you have lots of options. The bad news is that if, like me, you are in a densely populated county, you have lots of options. I killed an hour clicking through those freakin options.

But all I really care about is keeping my doctor, keeping my free gym, keeping my pharmacy, and giving me at least a little on line access to my information. I think I've found one that meets my criteria. I'll revisit on the 15th.

And I made a doll. And I finished a bear last night so fairly productive. I do plan to spend the rest of the afternoon watching TV - TiVo catchup. The baseball game is at 6 so that's the evening.

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