Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was all ready for the Friday Night Pooper this morning. I had two brunch places picked out. My plan was to confirm the pool was closed again and go find some good eats. But... the pool was open!!! Maybe the Friday Night Pooper has changed nights. Don't know. Don't care. Had a lovely swim.

I did think about going for brunch after my swim but by that time, I remembered I had good stuff here to eat. So I came home and whipped up a little Mushroom Potato Egg Fritata. Delish.

I love my new shirt. So while I swam today, I dreamed up another one - this one with a fancy cowl/wrap collar. I have a large piece of practise fabric to try it out on. So that's today's project. And I want to get on it so I'll have time for at least one doll, I hope. My doll production is really down this month. I think it's because the delivery was so late last month.

October. This is the month I'm going to start tracking my every dollar. At least for one month. Maybe for one quarter. And reporting it here. My current thought is to report the week's results on Friday afternoons. That may change. I'm keeping it all in an excel spreadsheet.

The Mariners continue to not eliminate themselves. I still think they will but it is so much fun hearing the joy from the broadcasters. They have spent so many years trying to keep up their own spirits this time of year when the Mariners spend most of the season totally out of contention. Now there's a shot, a teeenytiny one, and they are wallowing in it. And they should. One of our TV team has been broadcasting games for 9 years and has never come close to a decent year until now. I'm a little worried about his blood pressure.

Time now to clean up the breakfast dishes and hit the sewing room.
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