Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh so trendy

I ordered a kind of knit sweater/shirt pullover from Modcloth not long ago. I put it on today and discovered that it just wasn't working for me. At least not $60 worth. So I'm returning it. But I still need some more long sleeved knit top options and I'm so tired of just regular long sleeved t-shirts. So I surfed around this morning and just couldn't find anything that was both interesting and came in pup tent size.

But, hey, wait a minute... Don't I know how to sew? Don't I own a pattern that is exactly what I want? Don't I have fabric in the closet where I can easily see it? Why, yes, actually I do! I have one piece that is perfect but it's a really nice piece and I'm saving it... I'm thinking long sleeves, cowl neck and maybe a drap-y front. But, I had two pieces - one on top of another... neither was big enough but, isn't color blocking 'in' this year???

Green back, blue front, one green sleeve, one blue sleeve. Perfect. I could have maybe gotten a little more creative - two toned sleeves, quartered front and back - but I didn't actually think it would work and I'd only made this pattern once before... It totally worked. I'm saving my scraps. We may see them in future shirts! I need to trim some seams but otherwise, this baby is a go. (The blue fabric was $1 - on sale at Walmart because it had a dirt mark on it that washed right out. The green fabric was $4. It's not a fancy as the $60 top but it's way more comfortable!)

And I made two more dolls. I think I'm going to take the rest of the day off and catch up on Project Runway.

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