Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just thought 'hmmm it seems a little chilly in here' and looked at the thermometer...  it's 66 degrees in this room!! Yahoo!!  My weather of choice is here.

I never got hot flashes during menopause. I just experienced a personal global warming that has never gone away. I don't enjoy hot. I don't even really enjoy warm except when I get it from bundling. I love sweaters and cowl necks and big fluffy comforters and sheepskin lined boots and slippers. But, in order to get to enjoy all that, the temperature has to be way colder than it does for normal people. And finally, we're headed in the right direction.

My swim today was good. I went a little longer than normal assuming the pool will be shut down again this weekend. My plan for tomorrow is to get up and put on my swimsuit and head for the pool like normal. If the pool is closed again, I'll shed the suit and go out for brunch. I need to peruse my Places I Want To Try that are open early list so I'm prepared. I'm not going to freak. I'm going to have a bloody mary.

The Mariners won again last night. It will still take an actofgod to get them in the playoffs but, they aren't dead yet and finally this stupid SEAAAAAAA HAWWWWWWWKS town is noticing that there's another team around. It's kind of fun.

There's a guy who lives on the 2nd floor. He's lived there a long time - like more than a decade. Nice guy. I see him all the time. We exchange meaningless chatter in the elevator. And today for the very first time I learned it was an airline pilot. He was coming in from the airport in full Pilot outfit and accessories when I was coming in from the pool. For some reason this just fascinates me.

My nose has been running all week. Not constantly, but just enough to be really annoying. I think it's the ghost cold that I did not get. It's less annoying when I think it could have been a real cold. But, I'm not loving this nose rash.

I'm planning a nice, quiet day of doll making and piddling around... maybe in my sheepskin slippers!
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