Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saved from ass wiping! Whew!!!

About 18 months ago, I splurged big time and got a bidet toilet seat. And my ass has worn one huge smile ever since. Seriously, it's amazing. Once you bidet, you can't go back.

There used to be a blog article by a guy in Australia that explained it all so convincingly but it's gone. Basically, his point was that if you were covered in mud, you wouldn't grab a roll of toilet paper to clean it off... you'd get into the shower. If your ass is so covered, why scrape if off with paper? Shower it off. It's far more efficient and comfortable.

But, this morning, my bidet wouldn't bidet efficiently. PANIC!! So I wrote a note to the folks I bought it from who sent me to the folks to made it who asked me if I wanted to send it back for fixing. It's under a 100% warranty for another 18 months. So I said YES! And then realized that 1. I tossed out the regular toilet seat last month and 2. I don't wanna wipe!!!

So, off to Home Depot for the cheapest toilet seat they've got. I had asked for how to uninstall instructions and with those came some cleaning and trouble shooting tips and BINGO! I fixed it!!! Whew And yeah. Saved.

I could return the Home Depot toilet seat but I think I'll just hang on to it for insurance - like an umbrella. As long as you have it, you don't need it.

In between all the toilet drama, I made a couple of new dolls. Baseball tonight. There are four games left. I'm going to miss those guys.

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