Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Calmer, cooler, less coma-ish

The house is so clean. My house cleaner was late because she ran into the same traffic problems I had 30 minutes earlier. What a mess. But not my house. My house is squeaky clean.

And my cold is no where to be found. I hope.  I do sometimes get ghost colds/flu where I have the beginnings of symptoms but then manage to ward them off. I think my imune system is grateful that I don't mingle with people very much. I do live in dread fear of catching something that will fuck with my sad lungs. My regular doctor and my lung doctor have assured me that my lungs aren't good enough for anything like that.  So far I've been very lucky. I'd be ok with staying that way.

The Mariners won big. They are numerically still in the running for the playoffs but I can't really think they are going to pull it off. It's been a great season regardless. It's been many years since they've been fun to watch in September.

Between October being the month to select medicare insurance and the elections and the cyber predators, my phone has been ringing off the friggin' hook. I have never been so popular ever. Oh and NPR pledge week. I rarely answer anyway. Now I don't answer multiple times a day.

I only managed to make one doll today but I did get three more cut out and ready to assemble.

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