Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Coma then traffic

So last evening I was sitting here watching the Mariners lose... again... and realized that my neck and throat felt funny. Cold? Am I getting a cold? NOOOOOOOO My lungs can't handle a cold. So I took some Coricidin. I had chili for dinner (yum!) and then washed the dishes and then was so tired I couldn't move. It was 7:15. I went into the bedroom and turned on the game and laid down.

At some point I must have turned off the TV and the lights and changed out of my clothes but I have no memory of those details. (My Pebble watch says it happened at 8:30.) I woke up this morning when the alarm went off at 6:40. Note to self, be careful of that damn Coricidin. And, if ever you want to slip into a coma, try Coricidin!

On the upside, I feel fine this morning. Maybe a tiny hint of throat/neck thing but fine. I got to the pool just before 8 and had a lovely swim. Coming home, the bridge was mostly ok but the rest of the trip was a freakin mess! There were traffic jams where there is normally never any traffic. It was weird. But, I took a deep breath and turned on a podcast and just sat there and inched my way home.

Now it is 10:15 and I am just now having my morning coffee. The next Mariner loss starts in less than an hour. Wild.

My housecleaner is supposed to come today but she is usually here by now and so far no sign. I think I've written that sentence every two weeks for about the past year. She'll be here, or not. I'm all about the What Ev Er today.

I need to find a new Audible book and return the current one. Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris. I got 2 hours into it and figured out it was about some guy making a victim out of a woman. It's same pig, new polish so no thanks. I love that I can get my money back when the book sucks.

Today will be baseball and then sewing and then some more watching of the new TV season which, so far, has been a pleasant surprise. Assuming, that is, I stay out of a coma.
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