Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whine with no reason

I got my swim, I remembered to get gas in the car and I have pizza in the house for dinner! And still I'm cranky. I had to call 3 times before I got the Pool Open info. The sun hit the pool at an angle that we don't get in the early mornings and it really hurt my eyes.

And my day was all broken up. I am truly a female Get Off My Lawn old lady.

And I decided. If next Saturday, when I get to the gym and the pool is closed, I'm going to go find somewhere to get a nice breakfast. Sunday, if the pool is closed, I may just do the same. All this swim swizzle is sapping the fun out of my swims. Also I need to find my dark goggles and make sure they are in my swim bag.

I think that may be why I'm cranky. My eyes hurt. Ok, I'm goign to find some eye drops. That's a little better. While I was up, I discovered that I have no dark goggles. I think they leaked and I Goodwill'ed them. Oh Amazon... Ok, they will be here tomorrow.

On a much brighter (pun intended) side, I did get this this morning. The sun was so bright through my stained glass panels.

And made the most delicious design on the opposite wall.

I am not watching the debate tonight because I have already heard enough, Trump could morph into Obama 2.0 and I'd still vote for Hillary, I have a baseball game to watch and I'm old and cranky and I don't have to watch any more debates ever again if I don't want to and I don't.

I did get some dolls finished.

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