Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today there may be no swim. I'm going to wait until about 9ish and call the gym. If the pool is open, I'll go swim. If the pool is not open, I'm going to give it a pass today - the first no swim day since the first week of January. I could go back to the city pool like I di dlast Monday but I just don't wanna. And I'm not sure taking a day off will kill me. I guess we will see. Maybe. On the up side, if it is open and I go in later, I can swing by Papa Murphy's and get pizza. They don't open until 10 and I'm always home long before then.

This looks to be a quiet week. The last week of baseball. My house cleaner comes on Wednesday. Otherwise, it's the usual sewing and knitting and TV and stuff. My Goodwill hamper is full again and I need gas in the car, again. So I might get those two things taken care of.

But today it's still very early here so maybe I'll make myself some breakfast.
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