Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's already a weird day and it's only 10 am

I woke up this morning still conjuring on that This is Us program. It wasn't that deep or really worth as much thought as I have given it. Then I had a nosebleed.

A while back, during a nosebleed, I thought 'this would be a great time to have a spare tampax lying around.' I tossed out my last ones years ago. So the next time I was in the dollar store, I picked up a package. They actually work great for a nosebleed. Why the fuck had I never thought of that before????

Then on, across town to the pool. As I started across the bridge - the gym is just on the other side of it - the stop arms went down the middle of the bridge went up. I had plenty of time but still there's something about being that close... I focused on the tiny tug boat pushing the giant barge. Go little tug boat!!! (And why 'tug'? They should be called push boats.)

Of course, the gym did not open early. The pool filled up fast. Those swimmers are so not cordial. At my pool, I've never seen anyone get in and not acknowledge with a 'hi' or a 'good morning' the other swimmers in the pool. Not here. Here you get a sneer. Then about half way through my swim a woman in the next lane starts yelling at an old many who was just walking the lane. I had my earbuds in so I couldn't hear the details but I did see him recoil. Just not pleasant.

I considered going to get brunch - there are a bunch of nice brunch places over there but then remembered the Seahawks game today is a home game so I hauled ass back here. The streets were already closed by I was able to get to the cop at the corner who knows that cars with the sticker my car has on it get to come on through.

I had a lovely egg burrito and then read on twitter that a really terrific and talented and fun loving 25 year old pitcher for the Florida Marlins was killed last night in a boating accident. Fuck that. The Marlins have canceled their game today. What a sucky thing to happen.

So just a day of off here. One bright spot was also just delivered by Twitter. It seems CBS Sunday Morning has officially announced Jane Pauley as the new host. YEAH!! I have watched that program since it first started about 30 years ago and liked it mostly. These past couple of years, however, have not nearly as good. I have fast forwarded through a lot. I, long ago, tired of Charles Osgood. So I was happy to hear he was hanging up his bow tie. Now I'm even happier. I'm looking forward to Jane bringing back the spunk!

I have a big, ugly project today. I need to get Zoey's large little box chest - think blanket chest - down to the dumpster. They are doing a semi-annual dump run tomorrow. The replacement I ordered isn't here yet but should be in the next week or two and I won't have a better opportunity to get rid of this one which is broken and smelly. It's going to be a messy, smelly chore to get it out of here and down there. I'm not looking forward to it. But, I'm grateful that that is all I have to do. Even dismantled, I'm not sure I could get it into the car nor do I know where I would take it for disposal.

The Mariner game is in 30 minutes. Here is last night's bear:

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