Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

3 + 3

1. The guy that wrote the app that I could not replace replied to my tweet and gave me a link to the APK! I'm back in biz!! Plus he said he's working on a new version. Whew.

2. I watched This is Us. I was captivated. Sustainability could go either way but I'm totally on board for finding out.

3. I truend on the oven broiler (which I rarely do) this morning to crisp up the top of my omelette. That was at 10 am. I just discovered - at 4:15 pm - that I never turned it off!

1. Thankgod that oven is so well insulated.
2. Thankgod it's not Summer
3. I'm really happy that I didn't burn down the building.
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