Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got a note from Barrie. She called the gym and talked to the manager who told her that, yep, Friday night, someone shit in the pool again. They don't know who. I was at the gym on a Friday evening not long ago and it is packed but still, they do know who was there. You can't get in the door without flashing your id against the bar code reader. GRRRRRRRR Anyway the manager told Barrie that the pool will be back open mid-day Monday.

So I sewed. It must be USE THE CUTE CAT BEDS week. Today, Zoey snuggled into her corner cat bed that she hasn't touched in months. Again, I really need to clean the 4 inches of cat hair off those pillows! But, it does tickle me so when she sprawls in there to watch me sew.

I hit a fatal flaw in my phone reset operation. There is/was an app I used a dozen times a day to auto upload all my photos to Flickr. It's gone out of the Play Store so it is now, no longer on my phone. Or any of my devices. (If I had it installed on something I could make an APK out of it and then install it on my phone but.. no.) I dug out the author's twitter handle and sent him a "HELP ME. PLZ" tweet so maybe. And I found an old one that works sometimes. The Flickr app itself does this - auto uploads - BUT it sets everything to private so I have to go in and one, by one, make them all public so I can use them here and others can see them. Major PIA.

Maybe this other app will start working more better :). There's an ITTTT recipe that also works kinda so that's a maybe option. Sigh.

I think I'll watch one of the new shows before the baseball game starts.

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