Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Same song different week

So, I get to the pool, as usual this morning only to discover, once I get in the gym that the fucking pool is closed again!!! Again the closure notice says it is closed from yesterday until Tuesday. I did not hang around for details, I just hot footed back to the car and on to the city pool which is about 20 minutes away.

The city pool is fine but it does not open until 8:30 and it only opens for lap swimming for an hour. That's just not long enough for me. If I have to share a lane with someone slow or with a bunch of someones, I kill time waiting. There's just no margin for error. I only got in 1.2 miles - I try to make 1.3 my minimum.) It's all too stressful (whined in my most entitled voice possible).

At least it really is a spectacular pool and the kiddies are in their own pool/playland on the other side of a nice, soundproof glass. Tomorrow I guess I'll go back across town to the other gym pool with the mean swimmers. My swim buddy Barrie takes Saturdays off so I sent her a note telling her. She lives way closer to the gym so she said she might even drop by today to see if she can get some details. Assuming it's the same shit (pun intended) as last week, it will probably be open again on Monday.

It was 10 am before I got home. I thought about stopping for breakfast/brunch on the way but couldn't think of a place I really wanted to go to. I reviewed my own larder and came home and made a really, honestly, exceptional omelette.

Now have the day is gone and I haven't gotten a thing accomplished. I'm still drinking my morning coffee. Bitch/moan/bitch/moan. I'm really a princess this morning.

My phone is all reset and everything is working much better. Including the battery. Whew. It turned out to be less of an ordeal than I envisioned. I think I have phone resetting PTSD from the olden days.

My plan is, in the remaining hours, to make a couple of dolls, clean up the kitchen, find a new audio book to listen to and watch the Mariner game at 4. I think I can get all that done.
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