Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My moving my swim back an hour has pretty much fixed the traffic problem. I'm still adjusting. It feels weird to sleep so late and last night I was awake and still listening to my book at 11 pm. My breakfast is an hour later but my lunchs and dinners have also moved accordingly and I feel like I'm not snacking quite as much.

I see the 'going home' traffic on the bridge when I got into the pool and every day this week it has been bumper to bumper and stopped as I go by. This is the time I used to be coming home. Now, 75ish minutes later when I am actually going home, it's not great but it's not nearly as horrible.

So I think the fix works.

OH and I found out why the pool closed. One of the regulars was there today and she said her trainer told her that someone shit in the pool and the spa and that's why they had to shut it down. We know it happened on Friday sometime after 10 am. Her theory is that someone got drunk Friday night. I hope it's not a regular occurrence. It does explain why no notice.

I was going to go pick up a prescription this morning but I forgot that today's game is an afternoon game. When I passed by the stadium at 9:30 there were giant groups of blue shirted Canadians waiting at the gates and pouring in. Plus traffic was a little dicey with more than one BC license plate clearly confused about how to navigate. I think I'll pick up that prescription tomorrow.

As Toronto beats the crap out of us, each game draws more and more of their fans. Normally, when you listen to a game and you hear a roar it's when our team has done a good. Except for this week. When you hear a roar it's when the opponent has goosed us yet again. I think it's clear, we won't have baseball to fuck up my TV watching schedule in October this year. Sigh.

I have a load of laundry ready to come out of the dryer. I want to get those pockets on that shirt. I remembered, while swimming, that i need to reinforce them on the underside, so I need to figure out the slickest way to do that. My new Uggs are arriving today. I hope one of the two pair fit.
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