Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was able to totally fix the rubbing issue in the 3 swimsuits that have it! Yeah! Sadly none of the three have the ass area lined so they will likely blow out soonest but that's not an after market fix. At least now I won't have a constant rash under my arm!

Now I have sewing machine back. I wish I could remember to sit differently while I'm sewing. No dolls today. I have several all cut out and ready for assembly with plenty of time to do them tomorrow.

Tonight the Mariners play Toronto here at home and there are Canadians all over this neighborhood. I love that even though Toronto is on the other side of the continent, Vancouverites and other Canuks on this side of the country turn out to support Toronto. I still hope they lose but have a good time anyway. Plus I love the Canadian National anthem.

There are a bunch of people in the sports bar across the street having a wonderful and very loud time. Right now they are singing that Canadian National anthem for me!!
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