Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Some same, some not

From about 2010 until 2015, I went to the Medgar Evers pool every single weekday except for holidays. I also often popped into the nearby Walgreens and Red Apple Grocery and picked up a Subway sandwich on the way home. I've been back exactly once since May of 2015 and that was early in the morning last April - so I skipped the retail stops.

Today I did them all. I started with Walgreens which they have really cleaned up. It was an ok Walgreens before but now it's a Really Nice Walgreens. And they have Android Pay working fine and dandy. And they had my toothpaste which I have not been able to find anywhere else in town.

Then on to the pool. Found easy good parking and got there after the pool house opened but they hadn't started swimming yet. Some of my old swim buddies were still there! The same people I used to wait for the pool to open with 18 months ago. We had a grand catch up. It was really nice to see them all and one of my favorite members of the staff. It was fun. And I had a fabulous swim. It's a big cavernous pool house and loud. And the pool was kind of crowded. And I felt like the lifeguards were judging my poor style and technique.

All while I'm swimming I'm deciding which Subway sandwich I will have and what I will have on it. The lap swim opens at 11 so today - just like every day during those 5 years, I swam hungry. Really hungry.

First, though, I need a few groceries so I went to the Red Apple. They have already announced that the store will be closing - the whole block has been sold for development. The store has clearly given up. Sad. Plus they didn't have any washed/sliced mushrooms. Like I'm going to wash and slice my own muchrooms???? NFW.

But then the big blow. The Subway has already closed and disappeared!!! So I came home a built a cheese sandwich out of the bits of cheddar slices that weren't moldy. It was as sad a lunch as it sounds like it was.

Before I left for the pool, I sewed up the suit I cut out yesterday. I made a few tweaks from previous suits and the difference was a huge success. Some of the arm holes of the previous suits end up rubbing my skin so that it's red by the time I finish. That issue is now fixed and I thought up a way to fix the suits that have the problem. So win win win.

Also... the gym pool is open!!! They opened it up this morning. I called to ask and then sent my swim buddy, Barrie, a note and got a reply that she called, too, and then hopped in the car and went and swam. Apparently they did a big clean and re-chemical and she says it's sparkly clean and crystal clear so now I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's swim. I can't wait to get back to my little, quiet, not crowded, no life guard pool.

I think I'm going go ahead and fix the older swimsuits right now.
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