Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Every single day I get up, check email and LJ and then put on my swimsuit and head for the gym pool. The last day I did not do this was, I think, last January when I skipped a couple of days when my brother was here.

But today. Nope. Today I'm enjoying coffee and pastries and leisurely clicking around the internet. Today I'll go to the city pool but it does not open for lap swims until 11 am. I want to stop at Walgreens on the way so I'll leave here about 10:30ish. Unlike the gym, there are no traffic issues between here and this particular city pool so that's going to be a treat. Plus it's a chlorine pool which will be a fun change and it's a deep pool. I love my gym pool but this might turn out to be a fun change.

It's another cool and rainy day. Sleeping is now fun again. I have a very soft, lightweight, comforter on the bed now that helps make sleeping delicious. Also, when I first get up, I toss the comforter aside into a lump that then the cat loves to burrow into for a morning nap. She's in there now happily snoozing away. She usually burrows all the way in so that all you see is another lump but today, apparently, she fell asleep during the journey. So here's a little cat butt.

I'll make the bed later.It's still only 7:45. I think I'll go sew some for a while. Weird deciding what to do at 7:45.
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