Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More of Sunday

Before the baseball game, I got a fair amount of sewing stuff done. Mostly, it was fabric organizing and cutting out more doll pieces. I made a couple of dolls and then I cut out a new swim suit with the last of my in house spandex. All I had for lining was remnents of two different pinks so the front lining is a different shade than the back lining.

One thing I always have trouble with when I get dressed is telling the back from the front. I realized this early on and so always put a mark in the neck somewhere. Sometimes it's button or some other small embellishment. But, then, for some stupid reason when I made all the shirts, I put some of the markers inside the back neck.

So now, shirt of swimsuit, I go to put it on and find the marker and then have to think - is that the front or the back. Kind of defeats the point of the marker. Doh.

This suit, I'll be cool if I can just remember that the lighter pink lining is the front. Yeah, I'm going to remember that. Not. Oh well. At least it's all ready for sewing.

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