Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far so good

My plan was to go swim at the Ballard LA Fitness this morning. I know they actually open before their 8 am start time and their pool is always crowded with unwelcoming swimmers so I got my ass out and on the street so that I'd get there at 7:30 which I did. Not open yet. I amused myself with a little sudoku on my phone while others gathered. Several expressed surprise that it wasn't open early like usual.

Finally one tiny little Japanese woman explained that the janitor comes early and opens up but they have changed the rules and won't let him do that any more. Her English was not great (WAY better than my Japanese, however) but she sure had her facts! She said the one up on Aurora never opens before 8:05 even though the staff gets there at 7:30. She was pretty funny with all her LA Fitness lore. I gave her the skippy on the West Seattle club. Tit for Tat.

She was all in pink and another lady complemented her on her coordination.

The front desk person opened up the door at 8:10. I had just taken off my clothes in the locker room when the tiny Japanese lady swung by on the way to the sauna. I had on my neon green suit and had just taken off my neon green crocs and she said "Me pink - you green and car too!" It cracked me up.

I was the first in the pool so got my favored center lane. Good thing I got there early. By 8:05 the pool was full and pretty much stayed that way with folks leaving and others coming in for the hour and 15 minutes I was in there.

I swam extra because I got cheated yesterday and who knows about tomorrow. Also very fun to hit my fitness goal before 10 am. Yes, I should move the goal higher but I'm all about positive reinforcement, not actual fitness.

It is a fiddly drive from here to there and back and there was a lot of traffic especially for a Sunday. I don't think I'll be going back there this week. I did find out, though, that my membership (free with my medicare insurance) is good without paying extra at all LA Fitnesses. This was excellent news.

Oh and my flu shot arm hurt only for the first 5 minutes of swimming and then I didn't think about it again. And... still no flu.

I had to retire another swim suit yesterday. For several of them, I did not line the back, just the front and while that made for a very nice, light weight (and so very fast drying) suit, they just don't hold up or last as long. The ass gets so stretched out that I could fit a bed pillow in there.

I ordered some new spandex last night and I have a plan for how to line the whole suit with good quality lining and maybe get a little more life out of each one. Even with lining, each suit costs me under $20 and takes about 3 hours to make so if it only lasts 6-8 months, I'm ok with that. It's part of my every day wardrobe and I refuse to wear boring suits. The hard part now is finding good looking/fun fabric.

I think I'll head to the sewing room and make a doll or two before the baseball game starts.
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