Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the rest of the day, kinda

I did walk up to the new drug store. It's very very nice. I missed the dragon ceremony. It's actually in the International District where all new businesses start their first day with a dragon ceremony for good luck. They are wonderful and beautiful to watch and very fun. I was sorry I missed it but the word was, it was a good one.

I did remember, while I was there, flu shot! I didn't see any signs so I figured they weren't set up yet but I was wrong. They not only had flu shots but they had the high test version for old people. So I got shot. I have zero problem with needles. (I'd have made a great IV drug user except I have teensy little veins.) But the one she used was about the size of a Ticonderoga pencil or at least that's what it felt like and, of course, now my shoulder is sore but at least so far, it seems to be working. No flu!

I killed a lot of time just piddling around. I have a package coming from Amazon via USPS and no delivery yet but I keep refreshing the tracking page. I did finish a bear and made a doll and come some other doll bits cut out. There's a soccer game going on across the street that is really loud for some reason. Oh, it just ended and it is/was loud because they won. Good on them. So now we have wind whipping up the leaves and the Sounders band playing and people just below on the street enjoying themselves. Kind of a nice sound track. I like the soccer fans.

I think I'll find a movie to watch.

I also updated the doll album on Flickr to include all the dolls.

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