Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The pool is closed????!!!! WTF??!!!!

I get to the gym this morning at 7:45 as usual. I wait for the mean girl to get there at 10 of and NOT let me in. When she finally opens the doors at 8:01, I'm greeted by a sign that says the pool is closed for maintenance 9/16-9/20.

WHAT???? Yesterday was 9/16 and I swam in that closed pool with no problem - several others did, too. But, today, there was a no swimming sign at the pool entrance. Nice to get a heads up, too. I did not bother asking the mean girl. I seriously doubt she knew anything anyway.

The next closest LA Fitness has an aqua fit class in their pool at 9 and was 15 minutes away so that's a no go. I headed for the second closest and was on my way when I thought to look at their schedule ... yep... aqua fit class at 9. GRRRRRRR

So I course corrected for a city pool I knew had lap swim at 8:30. It's a wonderful pool but their lap swim is only for an hour. I got there at 8:27. And, I remembered to get my emergency swim towel out of the trunk (the gym provides towels the city doesn't).

It turned out to be a fabulous swim. The only thing wrong with that pool (besides its not terribly convenient location) is it has floor to ceiling windows and when the sun is out, it's blinding on the water. BUT today is rainy and cloudy so the swim was really really nice. I would have loved to have another 15 minutes but I was happy with what I got.

Tomorrow I'll go the LA Fitness in Ballard which is about the same distance as mine on a Sunday with no traffic. I haven't decided about Monday and Tuesday yet. I could just skip swimming but I kind of doubt that I'll do that.

One bonus is that since I was last there, they opened up a Dollar store very near the nice city pool. I so love a dollar store. So I had a little stroll after my swim and then came on home.

It's now cloudy and windy and rainy out. My kind of weather. I'm going to put on my real shoes - aka not the sandals I've worn every single day since at least May - and grab a jacket and go check out the new Bartell's drug store. They sent me a flyer inviting me to their grand opening!
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