Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

driving karma

I went to the pool this morning at the same time I used to (until this week) come home from the pool. The homeward side of the road was packed to the gills. While I was swimming teh sun was out bright and full of glare. When I got ready to leave the gym, the sun went behind a cloud and the traffic pretty much disappeared! I think I used up all my driving karma in that one trip.  This is what it looks like now and most of the time except lately when I want to get home.  That one stretch that runs horizontal in the picture is a long bridge that is usually the major bottleneck.

Screenshot 2016-09-16 at 9.36.23 AM

Today might well be an IT day. My brother looked into the innards of my software and reports that there is at least one USB that is/was failing severely.  There are a million USB things plugged into the docking station. So I will start by unplugging everything and then putting back only that stuff that is critical one by one.

Happily it's no longer a machine that I really depend on. It's nice to have and if it dies, I'll replace it but probably with another refurb. My every day machines are chromebooks and I love them.   Especially now that I have the iTunes/iPod problem being handled by the little elcheapo Windows 10 machine.

Other than that, nothing big on the agenda. Just a regular day of sewing, knitting and then the baseball game tonight.
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