Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ice cream hoarder

Single person household. 4 quarts of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough + 1 serving of Breyers vanilla. I should be ashamed. Instead I feel oh so ice cream wealthy.

I also got a couple of onions. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I bought an onion. Today I went to slice it up and it was totally MIA. Where the fuck did my onion go? I'm fairly sure this mystery will never be solved. But I now have new onions so I'm also feeling onion wealthy.

Way to capitalize on the excitement, Mariners! They are offering $8 a seat tickets for all games this weekend - cause we've won 8 games, get it? Pretty cool, tho. I hope they pack the place.

My living room looks out over the parking lot of the football stadium. Tonight they are hosting an Adult Swim drive in movie night tonight. Sadly, there is a tree (aka The Tree That I Hate) that obstructs my view but there is nothing that obstructs the sound and the speakers are pointed right at me. I know this because the set up guys have been blasting out their favorite (sadly, not mine) tunes for about a half hour. Oh, wait, it seems that someone told them to cool it and now the volume is way more reasonable.

My main windows machine is having some big time issues. It seems to run ok, once I get it up and running but getting it up and running involves lots of hard reboots and safe modes. Not that much fun. The small windows machine is having a hard time getting the latest update but it's still in the Amazon 30 day window so while I'd like it to work, if it's going to fail, now's the time.

Project Runway starts tonight. I'm kind of running out of interest in it BUT I'm so desperate for new TV meat that I will absolutely give it my full attention at least this week.

Two dolls and a bear:

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