Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Massive Fail

It is 4.5 miles from the gym to my house. It took me 50 minutes to drive that today. The key word there being drive which, of course, I was not able to do much of. It was horrible. And, for no reason. There's a blog that keeps up with the traffic between here and there and keeps the Department of Transportation on their toes about it so when I got home I checked the blog. Lots of folks had already chimed in. And, apparently, it was pretty much bumper to bumper from 6:45 right through til about 9:30.

So I think the only solution for me is to just go swim whenever I want to and know that coming home will be a long and tedious journey. I will make sure I have podcasts loaded in the chamber and no where I have to be at a certain time. I could even pack a thermos of coffee and a bagel.

It's just not worth stressing over. Next year, the gym in the next block with the lap pool will open and I can leave all this behind me.

The house cleaner is supposed to be here today. But no sign of her so far. Maybe she's in her own traffic nightmare. Suits me. I'm not mentally ready for her anyway.

I had planned to walk up to the new Bartell's Drug Store today while she cleaned but, I learned via Twitter last night that it does not open until Saturday. Guess that will be Saturday's adventure.

I did put a load of laundry in before I left for the pool and it's in the dryer now.


House cleaner arrived so this entry was interrupted by that. She brought me grilled skewed chicken over homemade pasta. For Christmas last year she gave me 'a meal every time I come' and so far it's been pretty cool. Today's looks very delicious.

The mortgage check finally cleared. The upside of having the bank send the check is that now the canceled check is digitally attached to my account and it was fun to see. I over paid and paid before the date promised so I'll be getting $1,200 back probably next month. And I will still have a nice little deduction for next year's taxes but then I'm done. I can say buh bye to CitiMortgage forever. Very nice.
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