Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Slug report

For years the radio came on at 5:30 am. When I retired, I tried 6 and then, finally settled on 5:40. This is mainly because the NPR station does local news at 5:40. Last night I set it for 6:45. I woke up at 6:10 and then snoozed until the radio came on. It was really nice! I felt more rested when I did get up.

Computer checking, etc. and then up and dressed and out of the house at 7:15.

First issue was I forgot about one intersection which is a giant bottleneck then. Had I turned left instead of right coming out of the garage, I could have skipped it. Next time. The trip to the gym was a little more congested.

The pool was not. One lane taken until about my 45 minute mark when all of a sudden it was standing room only. I still got my swim in so it was fine. The pool is not available from 9-10 so as long as I'm out before 9, it will be fine. Today I was out at 8:40.

The traffic home was still bad but not nearly as bad as yesterday. One of the regulars who has to take the bride every day like me had an excellent suggestion this morning. She said to check the ferry schedule. Folks take the ferry in, go across West Seattle and get on that same bridge - in droves. So I did check it and it looks like it will be wise to avoid the top of the hour, 20 after and 40 after.


I just got a text from Goodwill that their linens are 30% off today. I've really already got plenty of fabric but sometimes they have the cutest pillowcases in the world and bed linens make the best doll fabric. But, I really do have enough in house. But, then... I saw a Tweet from the Goodwill advertising Halloween. I know from past experience that if I want anything there before October 31, I'd better go now.

So, when I finish this entry I will go to the Goodwill, then gas/car wash, then Grocery Outlet.

It feels like I am four hours behind instead of one. But, it also feels like it doesn't matter which is good because it doesn't!
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