Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's official. Fall has begun - at least at SDHQ

After checking a whole bunch of 10 day forecasts, I decided that today was the day that the air conditioner needed to go to bed for the winter. I love that it keeps me cool but I hate having it sit in my living room making noise. Because I have no windows - only a sliding glass door - my only option is to add a pet door to use as a vent which cuts into my only access to fresh air.

So now it's filters are cleaned. It's all cleaned and dusted and drained and put into its winter coat, the batteries are out of the remote and all of its bits and pieces are packed away into the closet for a nice long rest. And the pet door is also tucked away. Whew.

I've been keeping tabs on the dates I set up the air conditioner and put it away for several years. So I added today. I didn't start this until I started this journal so I missed the first few years.

Screenshot 2016-09-10 at 2.41.10 PM

And speaking of cool, I went to see the ice block.  There's a design show going on this weekend a couple of blocks from here. (By the way, that photo is fake. The block is near where it's pictured but not exactly there.)

They put it there yesterday. I'm guessing that it will take more than a week to melt completely. It's very cool - in nearly every aspect of that word!

It was a lovely walk. Cool and nice. Lots of people out even that early. I wanted to break a $20 bill so I stopped at the bakery/coffee shop and bought a small quiche (kind of a bigish tart) which I just ate for a late lunch and it was DELICIOUS! Note to self: do that again.

When I got home from that, I did a purse clean out. I took everything out of my pocketbook and re-evaluated. Critical - money/license/cards/tissue/cough pills/emery board/toothpick/ext.charger/sunglasses/chapstick. And water. The rest of the stuff - most importantly, my rescue inhaler, I deemed non-critical and I put all that stuff into a zipper bag that I can grab if I'm going to be gone for the day or far away, but leave out of the bag for most of the time. Probably cut the weight in half. Nice.

And I made a doll:

Now I'm watching the baseball game - 7th inning Mariners 8, Oakland 0. Yeah Oakland sucks but still, it's nice to win.

The rest of the day will be knitting and TiVo catch up and my very excellent book. I just read that they have snagged Meryl Streep and JJ Abrams for the movie. (The Nix) The book is way too long for a movie so they will have to cut out half the plot or more which will be a shame. But, I'm loving a nice long excellent read.
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