Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday morning

The pool does not open until 8. It's 7. It takes 25 minutes to get dressed, down to the car and to the pool. So I have some time...

It was quite the treat to get out and go to dinner with ljtourist last night. It wasn't even night. He was nice enough to go early. The place we went sometimes runs out of food and it tiny. They had plenty when we got there and no waiting. I loved it. Frank, not so much, but it was fun just the same. It was fun to drive through downtown as people were getting off work for the weekend. There are still a fair number of tourists in town. The people watching was pretty spectacular.

There's an outdoor design/sculpture festival going on a couple of blocks from here this weekend. I need to wander over there and give it a look. And I need to do it today. Tomorrow it will be full of Seahawkians bitching about those people invading one of their many their pre-game gathering spots.

I may just pop over there as soon as I get home from the pool when it's still coolish. The baseball game is an away game that starts at 1.

My replacement Pebble arrived. So nice to have my wrist 'alive' again. Also I got the mini SD card. It's a 64 GB so I put all my music on it and loaded it into my new el cheapo Windows PC and told iTunes to build out from the little card. Amazingly iTunes said ok! Very cool. I keep picking up this little laptop?/tablet?/convertible? assuming it won't work this time or be laggy or, be dead and so far no problems at all. I leave it plugged in and if I leave it upside down, it gets really hot. But, otherwise, it's a delightful surprise.

Swim time.
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