Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I should have donated my soapbox to Goodwill

In my old age, I've tried to give up rants and soapbox ravings but Suicide Prevention is screaming for my help. Yes, it's good to help people who are depressed and/or really and truly are not able to manage their own mental health issues and so might appreciate someone stepping in and interrupting their own decision.

BUT NOT EVERYONE!! My life if my own. If I chose to take it, to end it, to commit suicide, that is my right and my privilege and NO ONE'S BUSINESS but my own. Suicide Prevention assumes I am incapable of making decisions on my behalf which is not one single bit true.

It pisses me off no end to read these diatribes that assume all suicides MUST BE PREVENTED. And that everyone's business is their own. Not not not.

The only evidence that prevention is a good thing is from people who screw up their attempt. No one ever interviews, talks to, hears from, gets data from the people who were successful in their endeavor to end their life. Until we hear their side, I think it's massively offensive to presume we know their feelings on the subject.

Yes, my family knows and understands my feeling. If they discover that I am dead by my own hand tomorrow, they will know it was something I thought through thoroughly and decided with my fully capable brain.

I can conceive of a dozen situations that would convince me to end my life. It's not a horrible thing to me at all. I have had a great life. Why live in pain - mental or physical - if I don't want to? Why take up a carbon footprint when I don't want to?

The point is, that it's my decision and no one - not one single other person on the face of this earth - else's.**

** One exception. If somehow the decision is out of my hands and I am on life support, my brother is under strict instructions to yank that fucking cord immediately. Still, that's my decision, isn't it.

I got snagged by a couple of blog posts on Suicide Prevention because the mail carrier who has been here before lunch everyday for the past month is not here yet... 2 p.m. I want my Pebble. And they are also delivery a mini SD card for my new little Windows computer. And I'm just waiting waiting waiting.

How about some dolls?

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